What we value: below



  Lost Profits/Business Damages

  Shareholder Disputes


  Franchise Disputes


SEC Purposes

  Restricted Stock/Rule 144 Stock

  Option Grants/Transactions Prior to IPOs

Fairness Opinions

Solvency Opinions


Tax Purposes

  Estate Taxes/Estate Planning

  Gift Taxes

  Charitable Contributions

 "S" Corporation Conversions

  Purchase Price Allocations


  Goodwill Impairment (SFAS 141 & 142)



  Minority Interest Buyouts/Redemptions

  Purchases or Sales of Divisions

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  Common Stock (voting and non-voting)

  Preferred Stock

  Convertible Securities

  Restricted Securities


  Stock Options/Warrants/Derivatives

Limited/General Partnership Interests

Promissory Notes

Intangible Assets

  Goodwill/Going Concern Value

  Patents/Royalty Rights


  Customer Lists/Franchise Rights

  Buy-Sell and Non-Compete Agreements